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Separate yourself from the crowd by looking sharp and confident with our suits and separates.

Let only the finest fabric wrap your body.


Alterations While U-Wait

Getting a suit right is rather tricky. It can look odd because it is made as a "one size fits all" clothing or it can stick out in odd places if tailored wrong. To top it off, getting the right separates can be the difference between being well-dressed or being over or under dressed.


You will never have to worry about all these things ever again. With 40+ years of experience in clothing Winchester, the team at L G Mens Wear have the right suits and separates to set you apart from the crowd and play to your body's strengths.


Get your new look today. Stop by and let us find the right suits and separators that will fit you perfectly for any occasion.

Suits and separators that are a cut above the rest

Our vast array of business suits and separates include:

  • Suits

  • Vests

  • Dress shirts

  • Ties

  • Slacks

  • Overcoats

  • A huge selection of cufflinks for special occasions and regular wear

  • Color-coordinated cufflinks

  • Alterations While-U-Wait

  • Cufflinks with matching button covers and much more!


You will never have to worry about the fit, because we alter your suits as you wait with us and check out our extensive classic and modern designs. We also make it a point to regularly updated our inventory so that you only get what is currently in vogue.


Don't pass up the chance to look your best. Give us a call for more details.



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